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September 3, 2017



t seems to me that, in a digital age, compliance professionals are very slow on the uptake.  Well, perhaps it’s not the compliance professionals but others within management teams who are reluctant to make investments in technology in a ‘non-productive’ department.


Ok, so now that I’ve offended everyone let me set the scene.


For many years I have worked for orgnisations where spreadsheets are a staple component of compliance. I have used them for Audit Schedules, Non-Conformance Registers, Risk Assessments, Action Plans, Incident Registers and probably much more. In our quest to ‘continually improve’ we make them more intricate, learn new formulas and conditional formatting techniques that would have Gandalf the Great scratching his head on how we did it.

Are we flogging a dead horse?

So, why is there such a reluctant to consider software when it comes to compliance?


My own story starts several years ago when I went on the hunt for a cost effective software system for small and medium size enterprises.  It seemed to me, at the time, that most of the systems available – at least in the UK – were geared towards larger organisations and required infrastructure and IT experts to run and manage it.  In an age of Software as a Service I was convinced  there had to be better options out there.


I was disappointed, until finally I cam across Mango.  Excited by its ease of implementation and seemingly simple user interface I got stuck in.  Straight away it was clear to me that the time and effort spent administering spreadsheets could be wiped out. And it was.


Fast forward a couple of years and I am now a Mango Partner and focus my consulting time on helping other organisations discover the same time and cost savings of using Mango.


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