January 1, 2018

I was on a site this morning and was met with a scene that would have put the wind up any passer by – let alone a health and safety professional.

A scaffolding operative and his colleagues were in the process of erecting a scaffold for access onto a flat roof about 60 feet high. One of the scaffolders was nearing the top and moving around on a single unse...

November 23, 2017

It is not uncommon in some work places to see health and safety signs on absolutely
everything. But is it really necessary?

The reality is that safety signs should only be used where signifiant hazards exists.
Furthermore, they also only be bought into play if the hazard has not been controlled by other means. Of course, there are some occasions where sign...

October 24, 2017


In the last article we explored ‘Skill Based Errors’ which is one of 2 different types of ‘Human Error'.  In this blog we will cover the other type – Mistakes.

Mistakes is the term given to human errors that are intentional, deliberate and are also known as ‘decision making failures’ for that reason. In short, you think you are behaving in the...

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