"...implementation, support and general day to day contact made easy"

Gary Rea

SHEQ Manager, MEUK

Having implemented Mango in a previous company, and seeing first hand the difference it made, I immediately noticed similar opportunities within MEUK.  


The system I came into was largely paper based and geared towards passing audits rather than being a living and breathing part of the organisations culture.  Visibility of the SHEQ management system was restricted largely the SHEQ team, overly complex and ‘admin heavy’. 


Mango seemed like the obvious choice given my experience of using it.  I have tested the market before and the main selling point for me with Mango was the personal touch.  We worked closely with Borne Safety who are a UK Partner for Mango and it was that key contact point that made implementation, support and general day to day contact easy. 


Now that it is in place it has generally relieved much of the pain points we were experiencing.  It has provided a voice to operatives at all levels who can now easily and simply report issues, incidents, near misses and other quality issues directly into one system. Furthermore, they get feedback automatically from the system when the reported issues is closed so they actually get to see that they are making a difference.  


From the compliance perspective we can now view our performance data more easily and quickly generate reports to see how we are doing, spot trends and make the necessary improvements – we previously had to sift through paper to do this. 


Financially the outlay is relatively low.  Whilst we have not recorded the direct cost savings it is inevitably saving us time and money by creating immediate visibility regarding site issues that affect quality, efficiency and safety so that we can act.  We already have real examples of where it has helped us to do this and saved us losing productive time on site.  


Form the safety perspective we have seen a rise in accidents and near misses.  Whilst this may sound against the grain we firmly believe this is due to the ease of reporting and we are now getting a more accurate picture of what is happening on the ground. 


The final touch is that we are working with Mango and Borne Safety to put in place a custom workflow that will help us manage our projects and records. This feature allows us to customise workflows to our organisation and we are very much looking forward to its implementation.